5 Benefits to Running

running, fitness

Running is one of those activities that very few enjoy doing, so here’s a list of five benefits to help motivate you to give it a try!

  • Stress Reducer! It’s an activity that can allow you to work off the frustrations that have encountered in your life. Many people find running to be calming! Taking your run outside, next to a lake, or beautiful scenory can help calm yourself as you sweat out your stress.
  • Keep off the pounds! Running is an exercise used by many to help with weight loss. While running can be the primary reason people can lose weight, it’s also a great way to maintain a comfortable weight. Any exercise that elevates your heart rate helps you burn calories and boosts your metabolism. However, running is not the only answer to losing or maintain a certain weight, diet also plays a key factor.
  • Heart Healthy! Hitting the pavement for a run elevates your heart rate which helps strengthen your heart! Running is a cardio activity that will help your heart pump longer and be stronger.
  • Disease Prevention! Most experts strongly believe that consistent exercise can help reduce the risks for cancer. Just by doing a little jogging you can also reduce the risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, and high blood pressure.
  • It’s easy! Running requires only 2 things, a decent pair of running shoes and YOU. There’s no need for expensive fancy equipment, or even a gym membership. Don’t let weather slow you down, grab your shoes and start to discover some local trails, or beautiful scenery.

Get a workout in by hittin’ the trails! Go grab your shoes and treat your body to a nice run!